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Math Competition Preparation

Setting up background
  • The teaching goal is to promote learning through competition and prepare for competition for prizes.

  • The purpose of encouraging students to participate in math competitions. Elementary school competition mathematics is a fast, effective and comprehensive carrier to improve children's IQ. Primary school competition mathematics learning plays an important role in developing ideas. A competition can not only comprehensively test the various problems that students usually have in mathematics learning, but also use it as an opportunity to motivate and optimize students' learning, and achieve the development of phased goals

  • Course teaching characteristics: Joyedu Academy organizes to participate in AMC, SEAMO, American AMC8 and other competitions, and has corresponding pre-match competition courses to provide students with learning. Joyedu Academy carefully prepares the pre-examination questions. These representative exercises can help students to comprehensively examine the mastery of various knowledge points and the loopholes in their mathematical ability. Achieve the promotion of learning by competition and help students achieve ideal results in the competition .

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