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SEAMO Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad 


What is SEAMO?

 SEAMO (Southeast Aisan Mathmatical Olympiad), as a unique training and evaluation platform, is committed to cultivating students' critical thinking and international awareness in the field of mathematics.

  SEAMO originated in Singapore, based on the "21st Century Core Competitiveness" proposed by the Ministry of Education of Singapore to set up its curriculum framework and topic ideas. SEAMO emphasizes the exercise of critical thinking skills and encourages students to break stereotypes, think divergently, and connect different ideas to achieve success in study or career. Because of this, SEAMO has become the most praised Mathematical Olympiad by schools and parents in the region. SEAMO recognizes all award-winning students and will support them in applying to enter top schools.

​Who is suitable to participate?

Students aged 7-18 (Year1-Year12) can participate in SEAMO. Students must indicate their grade when registering on the official website, and the official website of SEAMO will automatically match the corresponding level. Only 50%-60% of the concepts in the Math Olympiad will be taught in the classroom. Participating students need to study the Olympiad courses and practice test questions.


The global competition is divided into a competitive group and a non-competitive group. Participating students can participate on behalf of their country. Candidates in the two groups will be ranked separately.

  • SEAMO X competition category

All candidates who have won gold, silver and bronze awards are eligible to participate, that is, candidates ranked in the top 40%.

  • SEAMO X non-competitive category

All candidates who have obtained the participation certificate are eligible to participate, that is, the bottom 60% of the candidates .

SEAMO question type

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