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AMC History

Past record (2022)

Thank you parents for your great support to Joyedu Academy. The 2023 AMC (Australian Mathematics Competition) was successfully held at JoyEdu Academy Campus,  on August 6.


In 2022,  Among the students who participated in the intensive mathematics course and pre-test sprint class of JoyEdu Academy , 8 students have got prize winner, 26 students have achieved High Distinction and more than 30 students have achieved good results in Distinction of each grade.

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What do the HD, D, and C mean?

  • The top 3% of AMC candidates scored High Distinction (HD);

  • 4%-20% of candidates have Distinction (D);

  • 21%-55% of candidates have scores of Credit;

  • 1/300 of the candidates' scores are PRIZE.

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