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Educational Information

Queensland Academies School

  • Queensland Academies School, offering the world-renowned IB program. It is one of the three most academically selective schools in the Queensland secondary school system for both domestic and international students, with three campuses with different specialisms: queensland 

Brisbane State High School

  • Brisbane's top-ranked public secondary school with more than a hundred years of history. The school's mission is to develop in students a desire for knowledge, independent thinking and creative thinking:

Mansfield State High School

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Indooroopilly State High School

教育咨询 indoor.png
  • One of the top secondary schools in the West Region, with beautiful surroundings and top quality facilities. Close to the University of Queensland, with a strong academic environment:

Brisbane Grammar School

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  • One of Brisbane's oldest secondary schools. It is located in the scenic Spring Hill of Brisbane city and was established in 1868, it is one of the leading private schools in the city:

Ormiston College

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  • Ormiston College, considered one of the best secondary schools in Australia. Located in the Ormiston area in the east of Brisbane. The school's most distinctive feature is its digital teaching using laptops, cutting-edge and avant-garde learning style

Fortitude Valley State Secondary College

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Brisbane South State Secondary College

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