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AMC Math Competition


What is AMC?

AMC is the abbreviation of the Australian Mathematics Competition. It is a mathematics competition organized by the Australian Mathematical Society and is currently one of the largest mathematics competitions in the world. The holding cycle is once a year. So far, this event has been carried out for 45 years. Mainly for students in grades 3-12, 38 countries and regions have participated in the competition.

​Who is suitable to participate?

AMC is for students in grades 3-12, and it is called a competition, which is actually an opportunity to exercise and test your math skills. Each year, the grades are released together with a report on which students can assess their mathematics level. All students deserve to participate.

AMC question type

AMC has 30 questions, of which the first 25 are multiple choice questions and the last 5 are essay questions.


The first 10 questions are relatively easy and can be considered basic in-class questions. Students should not make unnecessary mistakes because they are simple and underestimated.


The difficulty gradually increases from the 11th question, that is, between the school syllabus and competition mathematics, which specifically examines students' mathematical abilities such as calculation, observation, space, and logic. Students can still pass the training and get part of questions 11 to 20 with perfect scores.


Starting from 21 questions, it is a challenging question. To complete this part, students must use comprehensive analytical skills and multi-dimensional mathematical ideas. The decisive factor for the results and awards of this competition lies in the performance of these 10 topics.

5 Divisions of AMC

  • Middle Primary (Years 3-4)

  • Upper Primary (Years 5-6)

  • Junior (Years 7-8)

  • Intermediate (Years 9-10)

  • Senior (Years 11-12)

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