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Advance Math Class

Course Introduction
  • The advanced maths classes are tutored by renowned teachers, in collaboration with our strategic partners: Art of Problem Solving (USA) and Terry Chew Academy (Singapore). The course is a selective and intensive programme. As one of the top programmes in the school, the Intensive Mathematics Programme focuses on developing children's mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as helping students to improve their abstract thinking skills and build a solid foundation for secondary school mathematics. The aim of the maths classes at Quality Education is to stimulate the students' minds to think faster, to stimulate their own brainstorming, and to allow them to experience the inherent beauty of the maths classroom, just as they do in the Olympic Games, which is the pursuit of higher, faster and stronger. That is, the pursuit of doing higher-level problems, faster problem solving, and stronger problem-solving skills on top of consolidating the original foundation. This requires educators to continuously develop and refine students' various mathematical thinking skills.


  • The teaching features of the Mathematics Intensive Course programme are precise problem selection and refined teaching. The Intensive Maths classes are carefully organised above the school syllabus to extend the content in-depth, effectively compensating for the simplistic lack of thinking in school mathematics teaching. It is important to note that the topics chosen for the Intensive Programme are challenging and require students to "jump" to complete the exercises. Under the guidance of Mr. Chung, students will experience the difficulty of climbing a mountain and the joy of reaching the top. In the classroom, Mr. Chung takes a motivational approach, and the refinement of his teaching firmly captures the students' interest in learning, as they take pleasure in solving mathematical problems. Mr Chung's inspiring teaching has changed students' perceptions of competition mathematics: from "I need to learn" to "I want to learn" by taking the initiative to explore.


  • The Mathematics Intensive Course at Quality Education aims to enhance: the development of students' thinking and the systematic spiral of learning in the process of writing and operating the mathematics teaching system. It helps students to progress through the stages of learning mathematical concepts and knowledge.

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