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Policy- Terms and Conditions

Enrolment policy

How to enrol?

Contact us via mobile, email, Facebook, website, WeChat or in person at our Runcorn campus. When enrolling, you need to provide your kid’s full name and English name, your contact number, email address, what school your kid is attending, what grade your kid is currently studying at, and your parent’s name and WeChat ID (if applicable). For all other payments except for cash payment, the parent needs to provide a copy of your payment receipt sending it to one of our administration staff in order to finalize your enrolment.

Once the online payment has been completed, you will receive course confirmation from one of our administration staff. Administration staff will provide a username and password for your kid’s student portal (only for term courses), so parent and their kid can log in to see their kid’s learning progress, grades, class time, course announcement, and class summaries.


Is there someone I can speak to about my child’s educational needs before enrolling?

Yes, please contact us during our business hours, either online or by phone, or visit us at our Runcorn campus for consultation or level test prior to your enrolment.

The consultation can be face-to-face or by phone call, which will discuss with the family the level test result or other related course information.


Course Amendment and cancellation policy

The academy reserves the right the cancel any course if there is insufficient demand or for other reasons.

JoyEdu academy may cancel a course or amend the course time before it starts. If this unfortunate situation happens, a phone call, text message, email, or another form of contact will be made to the parents directly. A full refund will be given if the alternative cannot be matched the student’s needs.

Online education will have no refund given.


Payment and Discount policy

Payment can be made in person at our Runcorn campus, over online bank transfer or via WeChat payment. We accept the following payment methods:

  • Cash

  • EFTPOS (1% fee applied)

  • Bank transfer

  • WeChat payment

All fee is payable in full for the term in advance.

All seats are reserved only upon payment of tuition fees.

For late enrolment, payment should be paid in full for the number of lessons remaining for the term.

Each early bird discount or all other promotional discounts only applies to certain times of programs, please follow each discount’s terms of the policy.


Student Absent policy

If a student is required to be absent from any of the enrolled classes, parents need to contact our administration 24 hours prior to class start. If an emergency situation happens, parents need to contact our administration prior to class start, so our staff will note the student for leaving not absent.

Each course allows the student to have one leave credit, when a student is required to be absent and contact admin staff prior to class, that class will be marked as one leave credit for future use. If multiple absents are required, still only one leave credit is allowed for each student per course. Leave credit expired in three months.

For online courses, if a student is required to be absent, parents need to contact our administration 24 hours prior to class start, so we will schedule and prepare a recorded video for the student.

Leave credit can only be used for the same type of course next term.


Refund and Credit policy

No refund for holiday programs due to the shortness of the teaching period.

If any student reported feeling the class is just too hard for them to keep up with or overcome difficult course, please contact administration staff to pause the class. For that, the remaining tuition fee will mark as a tuition credit for future use, students can use the credit for the next term of holiday programs. Academy will refund the payment of a number of lessons remaining for the term minus the $50 management fee to your account.

Exclude the above-mentioned situation, and all other reasons, Academy will not refund the payment, but instead of tuition credit (expired in 3 months).


Information privacy policy

The academy's main purpose in collecting personal information is to enable it to provide tutoring for each student. The academy may use the information in the following way:

  • To keep parents informed about matters related to the child’s tuition.

  • For day-to-day administration.

  • To ensure students’ educational, social and medical well-being.

  • To satisfy the academy’s legal obligations and allow it to discharge its duty of care to its students and staff.

JoyEdu Academy understands an individual’s right to keep his other personal information private and is committed to protecting and maintaining the privacy, accuracy and security of personal information. Unless authorized, or it is allowed by law, sensitive information will be used and disclosed only for the purpose for which it was provided, or for a directly related secondary purpose.

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