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Advanced Writing Class

Course Introduction
  • Tailor-made writing training for students in grades 7-8, focusing on cultivating children's writing skills, starting from different grammar content, helping children strengthen sentence patterns and usage, and accumulating writing vocabulary. Quantitative writing training is arranged for students after class, and homework revision and evaluation are given.

  • Contains various writing formats required for elementary school: Recount, Information Report, Descriptive Writing, Research, Response to Literature, and Expository.

  • Focus on Narrative and Persuasive Writing.

  • Grammar exercises are added to the course to improve the accuracy and fluency of writing.

  • ​hours: 1.5 hours

  • For students from non-English-speaking background families, the teaching method of reading and writing combination helps creative writing thinking and writing skills. ​

  • We have deeply studied teaching theory and believe that different children adopt different learning methods, such as visual, auditory, tactile, and other types, and cannot be generalized. In the teaching of writing, students will be observed to learn how to use the most suitable teaching methods for students.

  • Among them, in non-English-speaking families, to improve their writing ability, they must use English as far as possible to listen, speak, read and write. First of all, we suggest you listen to more English songs suitable for children, English short stories, English news and so on. Encourage your child to speak more English in public places, such as asking at the supermarket, ordering fast food, going to the library, etc. On these occasions, children communicate with others in English, which not only cultivates children's self-confidence but also exercises their language skills. In addition, it is recommended to let students read English books a lot, and it is recommended to read early, read more and read faster. Happy, purposeful and efficient reading of some excellent novels. At the same time, children are encouraged to write more, and they don't care about the number of words, pick up the pen and write. Encourage them to write small notes, write small shopping lists, write thank you cards, write observation records, write reading experiences and so on.

  • In the excellent writing class of JoyEdu Academy, students will be trained to formulate writing plans, and they will be guided to revise and constantly edit to grasp the theme and direction of writing firmly. Through continuous practice and accumulation of personal writing experience, students can understand the difference between discourse and genre and then master the writing skills of various genres.

  • In classroom teaching, teachers will patiently guide students in basic writing skills, including word spelling, sentence grammar, structure paragraphs, etc. On this basis, they will guide students to output their thoughts to express and implement the details clearly.

  • This class helps students successfully acquire writing strategies and helps students analyze the purpose of writing, and evaluate the writing process from life experience. We've built strategies for successful writing -- doing the best you can and being the best you can be. This challenge requires students to have three qualities:1. Excellence: Total commitment. 2. Integrity - Continue to be original and high-quality. 3. Respect - Respect knowledge, create.

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