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Aim of the Programs:
  • Designed for Year 6 students; 

  • Inclusive of English, Maths and General Ability classes;

  • Help students prepare for NAPLAN, selective school/scholarship exams and various competitions. 

Highlights of the Programs:

  • English classes included, with emphasis on vocabulary development and reading comprehension;

  • Reading materials provided across many genres and categories (including history, geography, notable current affairs and technology), to build students’ knowledge base and form a foundation for further development; 

  • Maths classes included, with emphasis on developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills;

  • The General Ability (GA) classes will alternate between Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning each week.

Designing of the Programs:

  • The programs are delivered by experienced teachers in a small classroom setting

  • The programs and learning materials have been exclusively created by JOYEDU Academy, based on years of teaching experience and in conjunction with an Australia-based publishing organisation 

The layout of the Programs

  • Programs: 3 hours weekly. 

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