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About Us

JOYEDU Academy is an educational and tuition organisation that caters for students from primary through to high school. The academy is affiliated with the MIA (Mastery Institute Australia) Training Group of Registered Training Organisations and CRICOS approved educational colleges for the delivery of educational programs for both domestic and international students. 


 Joyedu Academy specialises in advanced and competition-level mathematics, providing opportunities and guidance for students who are participating in AMC, SEAMO or AMC8 competitions. We provide educational programs in all dimensions, with classes in general Maths, advanced Maths and competition-level Maths. The main goal for JOYEDU Academy is to stimulate the students’ interest in competition-level Maths. It is also our aim to lay down a solid foundation for further learning and development by all students not limited just to the area of Mathematics. 

JOYEDU Academy also focuses on helping its students to achieve in all areas, providing all-inclusive tuition classes, advanced reading and writing classes and many other specialised classes. We have exam/competition preparation programs, aimed at increasing the overall competitiveness of our students compared to their peers elsewhere. 


We care about the development of each and every one of our students, with attention being paid to the quality of the educational programs, as well as the knowledge consolidation process after classes. With the aim of achieving optimal communication with the parents/guardians and including them in every journey of our student’s educational development. JOYEDU Academy provides reading clubs, tailored individual guidance to parents, and information sessions with expert staff.


JOYEDU Academy encourages and welcomes all parents and guardians to experience our highly valued educational programs first-hand! Please contact our administration and management team for further information.

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